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Dental Clinics in Support of the Dental Association of Canada

During Canada’s early years, any person can claim to be a dentist as long as he/she is armed with dental equipment. Due to the lack of regulations, a group of experts in the dental field has come up with an association to address this major issue to protect the public’s safety. With this, the association of Canadian dentists was born. The growth of the organization has significantly increased and is now recognized all over the world. The dental clinic Riverbend is most proud of is also included and represented in the dental association of Canada.

The public’s dental health has been the top priority of the government and the dental association. Education of oral care is already part of the school’s curriculum. Topics in oral hygiene are part of the school textbooks, booklets are distributed in both public and private schools and lectures in dental care are disseminated by school administrators. A comprehensive dental awareness program was launched nationwide to reach all Canadian residents in both cities and provinces. Health advisories were circulated through media channels such as newspapers, supplements, brochures and other materials.

Dental service for Canadians

The demand for high quality and standard dental service continues to grow. Canada has placed a high importance on the dental profession and service to the public. The residents have placed their trust in the hands of dental experts and thus, the dental industry is continuing to progress. Local dental clinics and institutions are also growing in terms of new businesses and ventures. There are health centers that offer general services such as check-ups, cleaning, polishing, filling and other standard procedures. Some clinics on the otherhand, have services that are more specialized such as cosmetic dentistry, prosthodontics, orthodontics, endodontics, periodontics and several other fields. There are some dental clinic Riverbend offers that include both general and specialty services for the patients.

With the advancement in technology, dental technology has also created a great impact in the development of tools, instruments, machines and equipment in the dental industry. More dental institutions and establishments are investing on these advanced technologies which are greatly needed to help combat the oral problems many Canadian citizens face today.

The Role of Canada’s Dental Association

The dental association focuses on serving its corporate members and has become the foundation for clinical and scientific knowledge and information in relation to the dental field. The association’s advocacy is to promote the dental profession through public education. Local programs are implemented through its corporate members. Aside from providing support to Canadian dentists, the organization also assists in certain programs that are conceptualized for the public. These include a seal of recognition that is marked on products to help the consumers in making their choices. A dental aptitude program is also designed to aid students in assessing their abilities and skills before starting a career in dentistry. This also helps dental schools in selecting their dentistry students. All plans mandated by the association of Canadian dentists are all geared toward one goal, which is to benefit both members and public society through the improvement of dental and oral health care. The dental clinic Riverbend has is in full support when it comes to the overall welfare of Canadian citizens.

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