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OutRun Poverty October 2011

ACT:FAST against global poverty 2010

Micah Challenge Canada invited Christian communities to ACT:FAST in 2010 to end global poverty. The ACT:FAST campaign involved prayer, fasting, advocacy and action, all toward the ultimate goal of seeing poverty halved by 2015, and a church united in its pledge to walk with the poor.

ACT:FAST was also part of the Micah Challenge International 2010 initiative, to mobilize 10 million Christians on October 10th, 2010 (“10.10.10”) in prayer for the poor, recommitting to action, signaling to governments that Christians around the world are serious about meaningful action on global poverty.

The ACT:FAST campaign mobilized Christians across Canada for action in advance of three meetings or days of action that were of global importance . These three key dates/events were:
•    the G8 Summit (June 25-27, 2010)
•    the UN Special Summit on the Millennium Development Goals (September 20-22, 2010)
•    the Micah Challenge Global Day of Advocacy and Prayer “10.10.10” (October 10th, 2010)

On each of these days, Christians across the country came together as local community groups to pray, fast for one meal, send a Letter to the Editor to their local paper, and let their MP know that they are participating in the ACT:FAST campaign.

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